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Doctor Who The Wheel of Ice by Stephen Baxter

By | 29/08/2012

Stephen Baxter’s The Wheel of Ice is a Doctor Who novel featuring Patrick Troughton’s Second Doctor along with his companions Jamie and Zoe. They arrive unexpectedly (as usual) in orbit of Saturn at some point in the 21st century after the Tardis detects something wrong with time. The Doctor and the others find themselves in… Read More »

Parade’s End Episode 1

By | 28/08/2012

Ok, it’s a few days late but here are a few quick first thoughts about the first episode of Parade’s End. Beforehand there were quite a few comparisons with Downton Abbey, no doubt brought on by the fact that both shows are, well, set around the same time period. Because that’s it. That’s the only… Read More »

Doctor Who Series 7

By | 28/08/2012

Just a quick word about Doctor Who series 7 which arrives on our screens on Saturday 1 September 2012. Well, five episodes of series 7, and that’s our lot until Christmas. I’ve done my best to avoid spoilers but I can’t help but be aware of the fact that the first episode contains zillions of… Read More »

Alastair MacLean – Four More Cover Scans

By | 25/08/2012

Since finding some of the Alistair MacLean Fontana paperback covers from the 1980s a few weeks ago I’ve been keeping an eye out for more of the series. I’ve found four more so it’s time for some new scans. The four books in question are Night Without End , The Way to Dusty Death, The… Read More »

False Friends by Stephen Leather

By | 19/08/2012

I’ve been meaning to do more book reviews for the site. The only thing is lately I’ve not done much reading. Having just read the new Stephen Leather thriller False Friends it becomes an appropriate choice. I first discovered Leather’s books back in 1993 when i read the paperback of The Chinaman. I enjoyed it… Read More »

The Bourne Legacy review

By | 17/08/2012

I saw this movie last night. Here are my first thoughts. I have to admit to a lot of curiosity about how they were going to make a Bourne movie without Jason Bourne. The choice of Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross was a good choice for a new agent as he’s got his Hawkeye-from-The-Avengers and… Read More »

Batman No Man’s Land

By | 13/08/2012

I’ll start with some spoilers for The Dark Knight Rises. Without going into too much detail for a chunk of the movie’s running time Gotham city is cut off from the outside world and some Bad Men take over. Right, you’re all up to speed… After seeing The Dark Knight Rises I was reading some… Read More »

Parade’s End

By | 12/08/2012

I just discovered this today and I’ve filed it under “might be worth watching”. The BBC has made a five part period drama called Parade’s End based on four novels written by Ford Madox Ford in the 1920s. I don’t know much about Ford other than he co-wrote at least one book with Joseph Conrad.… Read More »