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Total Recall tie-in by Philip K Dick

By | 25/07/2012

I just spotted this book today on Gollancz is putting out a Total Recall paperback next month to tie-in with the new movie. The author is given as Philip K Dick so I assume it will be a collection of short stories including We Can Remember If For You Wholesale, upon which the movie… Read More »

The Dark Knight Rises Review

By | 22/07/2012

Here are my thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises I had tickets booked to see the movie on Friday evening. Unfortunately on Friday morning I managed to inadvertently read major spoilers about the end of the movie. I was feeling a bit annoyed about that until I heard the news about what happened in Denver… Read More »

John Carter revisited

By | 16/07/2012

Last night I was in the mood for movie and I found myself reaching for the John Carter DVD that I bought just a couple of weeks ago. That’s strange. I normally don’t watch a movie again quite so soon after buying it. Well, I have to say I enjoyed the movie just as much… Read More »

John Carter Review

By | 09/07/2012

I missed John Carter when it was in the cinemas earlier this year, so I had to wait for the DVD release to see it. Having said that there was no way I could miss the widely reported news that the movie was apparently a flop. Yet most of the reviews I had read were… Read More »