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Doctor Who series 7 trailer

By | 28/03/2012

Just found this and I thought it was worth posting. Normally the new series starts at Easter time but this year it appears that we have to wait until the Autumn for the first few episodes, wave goodbye to the Ponds and then get a new companion on Christmas Day.

The Thing remake/prequel DVD review

By | 27/03/2012

I’m a fan of John Carpenter’s The Thing, itself a remake of a 1950s movie, which in turn was an adaptation of a short novel by John W Campbell. I also enjoy stories set in the Antarctic so I had two reasons to anticipate seeing the new movie that came out last year. I was… Read More »

Carte Blanche paperback cover

By | 22/03/2012

The paperback cover art for the latest James Bond novel, Carte Blanche by Jeffrey Deaver, was revealed this month. I say art, but in this age of photoshopped images the word is debatable. Anyway here’s the cover… As soon as I saw that I thought it was surely influenced by the desert scenes in Quantum… Read More »

Weekly dose of Scarlett Johansson lovelyness

By | 20/03/2012

Regular visitors to my blog will know I have been posting images of Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow from the upcoming The Avengers movie. Today is no different, except that Scarlett looks particularly lovely in this newly released photo. If you heard a noise just then it was the sound of my head hitting… Read More »

Upstairs Downstairs episode 5 (and 4)

By | 19/03/2012

I couldn’t summon the energy to write anything about last week’s episode at the time. There was a boxing match and Spargo won the love of Beryl. Also Lady Agnes was getting close to the American guy from a few episodes back and Sir Hallam decided Persie was looking quite appealing. In last night’s episode… Read More »

Robert L Duncan Checklist

By | 19/03/2012

Recently I’ve got back into an author I discovered about 20 years ago. Back at the end of 1991 I remember finding a newly published paperback called The Serpent’s Mark by an author called Robert L Duncan. The subject matter appealed to me. This was a book about a detective hunting for a serial killer,… Read More »

Books for March 2012

By | 19/03/2012

Quite a few books that I am interested in have been appearing lately. The main one I’m looking forward to is The American Spy by Olen Steinhauer, the third in his Milo Weaver “Tourist” series. I’m waiting on my copy from Amazon. I’ve just bought The Bloody Meadow by William Ryan. This is a mystery… Read More »